50 Cent - 50 Cent Offers Birdman $1 Million Super Bowl Bet

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After winning $500,000 on the New York Giants last week, 50 Cent is willing to up-the-stakes and has offered Cash Money boss Birdman a $1 million bet on the outcome of next week's Super Bowl. The rapper laid down the gauntlet on Twitter last night (January 15, 2012), though Birdman is yet to respond.
50 Cent made headlines last week after he posed with bundles of cash, which he claimed to have won by backing the New York Giants against the San Francisco 49ers. Though making no reference to placing money on the team, Birdman tweeted on Wednesday, "I like New EngLaNd. my nephew play Rb 42" - which made 50 smell blood. The rapper almost immediately laid down his Twitter challenge, saying, "I'm up 500,000 off the last one. F--- it I'll bet it back I'll put a 1,000,000 on my G Men. Stunner you got the hit me if you want it.I just check the spread Hold up the M casino in vegas said patriots-3 I'm have to bet over there unless Stunnter giving up points. Get at me (sic). The nephew that Birdman reference in his tweet is New England's running back Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis.
Though yet to respond to 50's challenge - Birdman has a history of betting on American Football, and famously placed $1 million on the Green Bay Packers, who beat the Pittsburgh Steelers last year. This year's Super Bowl comes live from Indianapolis on February 5, 2012.

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