Alice Cooper - Cooper Plans Last Day On Earth

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If rocker Alice Cooper had one day left on earth he'd wake up on Maui, play golf in Augusta, Atlanta and New Jersey and force vegan Sir Paul McCartney to eat a steak in front of him.
The School's Out hitmaker has a very clear vision of his last 24 hours - if he's given the heads up.
He tells, "I'd wake up in Maui. That's the best place to wake up in the world anyway, because that's sort of like halfway between earth and heaven. It's the halfway point. It gives you a little taste of heaven... and then you're immediately on the first tee at Augusta, and then you're immediately on the first tee at Pine Valley."
He'd then wrap up the day by dining with Mike Myers, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sylvester Stallone, Rob Zombie, Ringo Starr and Paul MCCartney - with the latter eating a "big thick steak".
Then it's off to bed for a long sleep: "I think you just go to sleep. I can't imagine a long death."

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