Bow Wow + Omarion Hit The Road Together

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Teenage hip-hop icons Bow Wow and Omarion are teaming up for a US summer (05) tour.

Omarion's co-star in You Got Served, Marques Houston, will also join the duo on the road.

Bow Wow tells MTV NEWS that the tour, which kicks off in July (05), will be one of the year's best: "It's gonna be a lot of chaos. It's gonna be a lot of pandemonium. It's gonna be outrageous.

"The way we're doing it is not like your normal concert. When you go to your normal concert, it's four people on the bill. Everybody has their own set.

"We're doing it like how you come to wresting and the ring is in the middle. It's gonna be more like a live movie than a show."

The highlight of the concerts are sure to be Bow Wow and Omarion's new duet, which the two friends recorded for Bow Wow's upcoming album WANTED.

20/04/2005 02:34

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I love Bow Wow yo he lookz mad good no joke who ever goes out wit him is da luckiest girl in da world.factsfull name-shad gregory mosssign-pisces (jus like me)birthdate-March 9 1987bornplace-columbia.ohiolives in-ohio
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