No Paternity Test For Lester?

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JACKSON family lawyer Brian Oxman fears actor Mark Lester will struggle to convince a judge to order a paternity test to prove he fathered Michael Jackson's daughter PARIS - because California law forbids it.
The Oliver! star is godfather to the King of Pop's three children Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II - and stunned the world this weekend (08-09Aug09) by announcing he could be Paris' biological dad.
Lester admits donating sperm to Jackson in 1996, while the singer was married to ex-wife Debbie Rowe, and has come forward with the shocking revelation about the youngster's parentage amid fears Jackson's mother Katherine plans to keep him away from the kids.
The Brit insists he just wants to remain a part of the children's lives - and is willing to fight for his right to access through the courts if the Jacksons continue to "exclude" him from contact.
But Oxman, a longtime representative for the Jackson clan, believes it will be difficult for Lester to secure a court-ordered paternity test, because Californian laws protect children from questioning their parentage if they are born to a married couple - and any paternity issues need to be addressed within two years of birth.
He tells British morning show GMTV, "If there were a request for a paternity test the judge would have to waive the law in the state of California, which says that a child born to a man and a woman who are married is conclusively presumed to be the child of that married couple - unless the paternity test is requested within two years of the birth of the child.
"So the result would be on the late side but it's up to a judge to make that decision. So in the Michael Jackson case I say, 'Anything is possible'. I think this is one of the most extraordinary cases I've seen."

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M.lester, you dont even look like yourself now and on the foto at MJ house with cristmas last year!!!the house MJ was living in was build by you must know the Way in it!!!donate sperm in why you think that the 2nd child could be yours????Paris looks more to me then she looks to Harriet!!Then Uri Geller also claims its true Simply like he said; Michael told me so!! U.Geller also sends onauthorized footage on air(in the netherlands) of MJ inwich he said he hypnotized MJ..but didnt told MJ.MJ couldnt even walk in this video of 2003. Uri also could come in MJ house at his bedside while MJ was "sleeping" how does everybody comes inside??!!AND WHY DIDNT TELL Jermaine..?? Looks like al lot of you all are on heavy Drugs
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