Spears Used Argument To Get Troubled Daughter's Attention

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Britney Spears' mum LYNNE has revealed she and her estranged husband JAMIE used an argument between her daughter and then-manager SAM LUTFI to "start taking charge" of their troubled daughter's affairs.
Spears claims Lutfi had shut her out of Britney's life, but the singer's parents knew it was time to take action when it appeared she was heading towards a nervous breakdown.
She explains, "We had police calling us telling us things that were going on. That's when we said, 'We've got to do something, we prayed about it.'
"We had been trying to get in; we couldn't... When she had an argument with that individual, who I just don't even want to talk about, that was the opening and we took advantage of it, we got in and that's when we were able to start taking charge."
Speaking out on American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's Los Angeles radio show, Spears confirmed Lufti was the "individual" she was referring to.
Shortly after Lynne and Jamie took charge of their daughter's personal and professional affairs at the beginning of 2008, Jamie was made a co-conservator of the pop star's estate and the couple was granted a restraining order against Lutfi.

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I guess Brittany's mother is unaware that everyone thought that she was a terrible mother to Brittany, and a awful stage mother. If it wasn't for Brittany's money, they wouldn't have been able to live that type of lifestyle. I think that Brittany's both parents were not in her life when she was younger. I do give Brittany's father a tremendous amount of credit for a lot of her progress. Since Brittany's mother had no parenting skills, Brittany did the best she could under the circumstances. Her father taught her so much, which she missed out as a child. I remember in one article, Brittany asked her mother if she wanted to stay over, and Lynne Spears replied - "that she is staying at a friend's house". I think that Brittany has come such a long time and I am in constant awe of her progress. She looked so gouregeous in her silver dress at the MTV awards. The world was thrilled that she won three awards, which she sure deserved. Speaking of Lynne Spears, and her plans for Brittany to re-unite with Kevin, is so insane. Doesn't she remember how Kevin and his despicable lawyer, Mark Vincent took Brittany through all those legal battles, which Brittany had to pay for. I think that Kevin is and will always be a money hungry parasite who lives off woman, especially ones with money. I think that BRITTANY is much too good for Kevin!!!
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