Cole Still Not Smiling Over Allen's 'Awful' Comments

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CHERYL COLE has reignited her long-running feud with fellow pop star Lily Allen - she has still not forgiven the singer for slamming her husband and Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts.
The pair famously fell out in 2007 after outspoken Allen called The X Factor judge's soccer star partner Ashley Cole "horrendous," which prompted Cole to brand the Smile singer a "chick with a d**k."
Cole was also furious with her rival for branding her pal and colleague Roberts "the ugly one" in their band.
But despite two years passing since the slanging-match, Cole is still angry at the singer for her unkind words.
In an interview with Britain's Q magazine, she says, "She called my husband 'horrendous'. Then she called Nicola 'ugly'. For another female artist to call you ugly is so awful.
"Nicola's been called 'ginger' all her life, then she makes something of herself and everyone calls her the 'ugly one'. I feel very protective of her and if that means I'm going to call Lily 'whatever', then I don't care."

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Ah, Cheryl... Lily (poison dwarf)Allen's like Adolf Hitler really, nobody bothers to comment on his character deficiencies anymore, really; you just have to accept that most of what he said or stood for was garbage and try to move on.
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