Aguilera Offered Pattinson A Safehouse

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Christina Aguilera will be the envy of TWILIGHT fans everywhere when devotees of the vampire love story read on - Robert Pattinson once showed up at her house and begged to spend the morning with her.
The pop star, who is a huge fan of the Brit and his film franchise, let it slip during an off-air interview with New York's 92.3 Now that Pattinson came to her for aid as he was trying to escape the paparazzi last year (09).
According to an insider at the station, Aguilera revealed she was in the driveway of the Beverly Hills home she bought from Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne when she heard someone at her security gate and went to see who was there.
Outside, a desperate Pattinson was trying to get help to escape the paparazzi and asked Aguilera to let him in.
She did and then let him hide out for a few hours.
When it was time to leave, the pop star allegedly went out first and drew the paparazzi away, so her guest could slip out unnoticed.

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That's so cool of Christina! I can't get enough of her new song "Stronger Than Ever". It should have been in the movie!
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