Owen Quit Smoking For Daughter

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British actor Clive Owen quit smoking the moment he had images of breathing cigarette smoke into his baby girl's face. Owen, who has two daughters, was adamant he'd die a smoker - until his wife Sarah-Jane gave birth to the couple's first child in 1997. He says, "I talked about it all through the pregnancy, but I didn't do anything about it. "I had smoked since I was f**king 14. I always used to say to myself, I'm going to die of lung cancer. That's the choice I'm making. "And then when Sarah-Jane was pregnant, I couldn't think about anything else. I just had this image in my head of breathing smoke in a baby's face. You just think about it going into their little lungs. "And when Hannah was born, I stopped. Hard. Dead."

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Bravo!!!Clive you are a wonderful and unselfish man.
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