Danny Glover Celebrates Hugo Chavez's Election Win In Venezuela

Danny Glover - Danny Glover Celebrates Hugo Chavez's Election Win In Venezuela

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Actor Danny Glover was in Venezuela on Sunday (07Oct12) to help President Hugo Chavez celebrate his election win over rival Henrique Capriles.

The Lethal Weapon star struck up a friendship with the politician years ago and he joined in the party this weekend after Chavez emerged triumphant in the closest race of his 14 years in office.

In video footage captured by local TV station Noticiero Digital, Glover can be seen embracing and playfully sparring with Chavez, who is battling cancer, moments after news of his victory broke.

Glover isn't the President's only fan in Hollywood - actor Sean Penn and director Oliver Stone have also previously voiced their admiration and support for the controversial world leader, who has landed another six years as the head of state.

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