Danny Trejo - Danny Trejo Takes Lady Gaga's Pots And Pans Home

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Movie tough guy Danny Trejo took home an odd souvenir from the set of the Machete sequel - co-star Lady GaGa's kitchen goods.

The healthy pop superstar turned her back on the catering available for the cast and crew and decided to cook up her own dinners while working on MAChete Kills - and leading man Trejo became fascinated by her culinary skills.

He says, "She cooks her own food - she does, like, steamed vegetables and good stuff... I used to like walking by with a lamb chop."

And when she left the set, Trejo asked if he could keep her cookware.

He recalls, "I said, 'What are you gonna do with those pots and pans, Gaga?' She said, 'I can't take them with me'.

"So I've got 'em on a shelf at home (labelled), 'Lady Gaga's pots and pans'."

The action man admits he treasures the items - because they came from a good friend: "She is unbelievably gorgeous, great lady."

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