Diego Luna - Diego Luna Made Cesar Chavez Movie For His Son

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Mexican actor/director Diego Luna made his new Cesar Chavez biopic for his young son, so the kid would always have a film about his heritage.

Luna hopes the film becomes a big hit and is embraced by the Latino community, who farm worker Chavez fought for his entire life, but he signed on for the project with his five-year-old son in mind.

The director tells Wenn, "One day he's gonna want to know where he comes from and what community he belongs to, what happened in the past and what allowed him to be where he is. I want him to be able to look at this story and find out that there was a guy, Cesar Chavez, and that there was an amazing movement in the '60s and '70s and that, in fact, change is in our hands.

"When I became a father I realised the amount of sacrifice my father had to go through. Those days that he wasn't around that I lived as 'being abandoned'; in fact, when you become a father, it's the exact opposite. You realise the struggle and the pain that he probably went through in order to give me a better life.

"This film is about that, so it's definitely tied to my kids and my father. That's why I dedicate the film to them."

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