Elephant Man And Sizzla Pull Toronto Concerts After Local...

Elephant Man And Sizzla Pull Toronto Concerts After Local Outrage

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Reggae stars Elephant Man and Sizzla have been forced to cancel two concerts in Toronto, Canada, after locals protested against their homophobic lyrics. Elephant Man was due to play at Kool Haus on Friday (05Oct07), but the gig was pulled following an outrage by the Stop Murder Music Canada coalition - a group of organisations seeking to have the Pon Di River star and his peers banned from the country because of their "hate propaganda". Sizzla's 28 September show at the same venue was also pulled over the controversy. Akim Larcher, the founder of Stop Murder Music, says, "They shouldn't have been allowed to get visas to perform in the country. It's not about censorship or artistic freedom. That stops when hate propaganda is involved."

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I believe that Sizzla and Elephant Man are preaching good things and persons need to overstand that what u do and what u say shapes the world so if ur a gay man or lesbian or bisexualread the word of god and then see where at the end of the day it's gd and u so be goo stay and think clean an all blessings u will see! In God We Trust, right?? ya, bless up to all the rastafarians kings and queens. keep on striving, we are here to conquer!!! Peace!
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