Banks Upset By Hollywood's Sexist Ratings System

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Actress Elizabeth Banks has hit out at boardmembers of The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) less than a month after her film ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO won an appeal to lower its U.S. cinema rating.
Banks and co-star Seth Rogen's racy new comedy was initially slapped with an adults-only NC-17 certification, which would have prohibited people younger than 17 from seeing the film.
Filmmaker Kevin Smith fought the MPAA decision and has since won an appeal. The movie, about two friends who launch an amateur porn studio, is now rated R.
But Banks is convinced her controversial film and the rating it initially received proves sexism is rampant in Hollywood.
She says, "There's nothing worse in Zack and Miri than there was in (horror film) Saw II, and that got an R rating... If I cut your throat and blood spews all over my face, it's an R. But if we have a lovely time together and you spew something else on my face, it's an NC-17."

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R. LaJolla

I suggest Banks learn accurate terminology before voicing opinions again. I believe the term she's looking for here would be AGEISM by the MPAA, not sexism. MPAA's rating system guidelines appear to stem from the belief that ANYONE under 17 should not to be admitted to movies featuring explicit sex acts, even ridiculously humorous ones like "Zack and Miri" REPORTEDLY contain. As stupid as that guideline is, in light of the same system allowing graphic violence for same market, the MPAA's prejudice focuses more on the age of the moviegoer, rather than the sexual content of a film.
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