Elton John - Sir Elton John Nervous About Aids Conference Speech

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Sir Elton John feels intimidated ahead of his star turn at an Aids conference on Monday (23Jul12) as it is "the most important" event he has spoken at.
The Rocket Man, who set up his own charity to help raise awareness of the disease, is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the second day of the International Aids Conference in Washington D.C., but he is battling nerves ahead of the event.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "This conference is very important. I've done a few drafts of my speech and now I'm just making a few adjustments. It's quite intimidating - I've made speeches before but this is the most important one I've ever done."
The conference kicked off on Sunday (22Jul12), and Wyclef Jean added his support to the event by leading a march through the capital.
The star uploaded a photo of the day to his Twitter.com page and wrote alongside the snap, "At the keep the promise march in D C."

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