10 Attitudes


10 Attitudes Review

10 Attitudes is one of those movies that serves to confirm your deeply held suspicion that everyone in the world is crazy... except you.

When mild-mannered gay caterer Josh spots his long-time boyfriend being sexually serviced by a boy toy in the front seat of his red Jaguar convertible, all hell breaks loose. The boyfriend is tossed out of Josh's house and his life, and now, at age 40, Josh realizes that he's going to have to jump back into the dating pool.

But this is no ordinary dating pool. It's the barracuda-infested dating pool of West Hollywood, and shy, self-deprecating Josh can't imagine dragging himself--and his incipient paunch--back into that bitchy fray.

Egged on by an odd array of cameo players including Alexandra Paul as his sister and Jim J. Bullock as his dating wardrobe adviser, Josh starts to venture out. He picks up the pace when his buddy Josh (Chris Cowan) promises to set him up on ten dates. One is sure to stick, right?

Ah, but remember, this is West Hollywood, and Josh soon finds out that yes, just as he suspected, they're all crazy out there. Everyone he meets is an actor/hustler or a druggie/actor or a waiter/actor or a waiter/actor/hustler or a personal trainer/hustler. The best friend he makes in group therapy is a hustler (the therapist is Judy Tenuta, by the way), and even the hunky salesman in a clothing store asks Josh if he has $200 and wants a quickie. It's gay-ghetto dating at its absolute worst, not nearly as upscale as the couplings in other West Hollywood dating dramas such as The Broken Hearts Club or Latter Days.

To the movie's credit, Josh runs through his dates with his sense of humor intact, and he easily tosses around plenty of funny putdowns along the way. In the funniest moment, Josh finds himself on what he thinks is a date with Married with Children's David Faustino, playing a version of himself. It turns out David isn't looking for a boyfriend but rather a gay guy to serve as person number three in the threesome his girlfriend is hoping for. With increasing disbelief, Josh rolls his eyes as David deadpans his way through increasingly perverted scenarios, one of which he's sure will appeal to Josh. But no, soon it's back into the dating pool once again.

Shot on video with no budget, 10 Attitudes comes to a sudden conclusion with the kind of cinematic coincidence that makes it seem like the crew ran out of time and had to wrap things up that very afternoon. It's a clunky ending, but the journey to it is lighthearted enough to keep you interested in and amused by Josh's predicament. One mystery remains, however: If West Hollywood really is this bad, why are there so many people around to make so many movies about it? Why hasn't everyone just packed up and moved away?

2 biceps.

10 Attitudes

Facts and Figures

Run time: 87 mins

In Theaters: Tuesday 23rd November 2004

Production compaines: Ariztical Entertainment


Contactmusic.com: 3 / 5

IMDB: 5.4 / 10

Cast & Crew


Starring: as Josh Stevens, Jim J. Bullock as Tex, Christopher Cowan as Brandon, Fritz Greve as Jack Langford