Chac: The Rain God


Chac: The Rain God Review

Time to get your freak on.

Chac: The Rain God is Rolando Klein's obviously-peyote-influenced tale of Mexican Indians desperate for rain to water their crops. The tribal farmers chant and consult the local shaman, but to no effect. Desperate, they pay a visit to the diviner, who lives up in the mountains, and he takes them on an epic journey culminating in a headdress-festooned rain dance.

When the rain doesn't come, it's nigh akin to the finale of Apocalypse Now, as the tribe takes out its wrath on the diviner who led them astray.

As puzzling as it is haunting, Chac: The Rain God is a bizarre mélange of silent panoramas, close-ups on various characters (invariably against a jet black background), and endless scenes of chattering about Mayan mythology. Alternately fascinating and brain-numbing, Chac is at its core a morality play that exposes humankind's belief that it has genuine control over its universe. Too bad it can't keep the audience awake for the telling of the tale.

In Tzeltal and Mayan with English subtitles. Aka Chac: Dios de la lluvia.

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