Dear Pillow


Facts and Figures

Run time: 85 mins

In Theaters: Sunday 18th January 2004

Reviews 4 / 5

IMDB: 5.9 / 10

Cast & Crew

Director: Bryan Poyser

Producer: Jacob Vaughan

Starring: Rusty Kelley as Wes

Dear Pillow Review

An increasingly frustrated virgin only weeks before his 18th birthday, Wes (Rusty Kelley) is desperate for contact, to the point where he eavesdrops on his neighbor Lorna's (Viviane Vives) tawdry cordless-phone conversations, imagining raunchy scenarios with her while he bags her groceries. An older men, Dusty (Gary Chason), makes a living writing pornographic "I never thought this could happen to me" letters to a magazine called Dear Pillow. And it won't be long before these three come together in some truly perverse ways. Namely: Dusty will ultimately enlist both Wes and Lorna to make a homemade porno film.

But not before plenty of subversive and strange events have unfolded. Dusty and Wes spend a long time together, as Dusty tries to teach Wes the finer art of writing porn. Lorna, who eventually catches on to Wes's eavesdropping, uses her substantial feminine wiles to goad him into her boudoir... only to embarrass him to the point where he runs away in terror.

Cut from the mold of Todd Solondz and oddball relationship dramas like L.I.E., Dear Pillow is an incredibly startling debut feature from self-proclaimed porn junkie Bryan Poyser. Shot on a clearly minimal budget with no stars and subject matter that would have any studio executive running away in abject terror, Pillow is an obvious labor of love that Poyser has poured his soul into. While Kelley is a little off-putting, the film is redeemed by both Chason and Vives, who nail their roles perfectly. Chason's dirty old man is creepy, but not overtly and obviously so. And Vives' exotic femme fatale will leave you immediately wondering what other films you can see her in.

Fair warning: Dear Pillow is extremely graphic, but it's almost all in the dialogue. There's not even any nudity in the film. It's a real shocker that indie film fans will thoroughly enjoy. You will, however, need a shower afterwards.

The DVD includes deleted scenes, casting sessions, and two of Poyser's short films.




Dear Pillow Rating

" Excellent "