Facts and Figures

Run time: 94 mins

In Theaters: Wednesday 13th March 2002

Distributed by: LionsGate Entertainment

Reviews 2 / 5

IMDB: 3.3 / 10

Cast & Crew


Starring: as Carl Hart, as Ally Parks, as Dr. John Winslow

Fangs Review

When rubber vampire bats descend on a suburban tract community all hell breaks loose! Okay, they aren't supposed to be rubber and it's not really hell, but Corbin Bernsen's around, so it only seems like it.

With the usual mutated creatures, goofy conspiracy, nutty bad guy (Bernsen), and do-gooder law enforcers, this movie has everything expected from bad genre monster movies in recent years (see also Evolution -- same movie, bigger budget). The addition of B-list regular Tracy Nelson (The Perfect Nanny, no no -- that's a real movie!) rounds out the production.

The only thing saving Fangs from one-star hell is liberal doses of comedy courtesy of a surprisingly spry script from Jim Geoghan. It isn't Animal House, but some of the gags actually made me chuckle, and that's more than Evolution could say.

Unfortunately a couple of giggles and a cute starlet (Katie Stuart) do not a great expenditure of 90 minutes make. But considering I sat through Swimfan, I'm comfortable saying that Fangs is not the worst horror movie of all time.