Full Metal Jacket

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Facts and Figures

Run time: 116 mins

In Theaters: Friday 10th July 1987

Box Office Worldwide: $46.4M

Budget: $17M

Distributed by: Warner Bros.

Production compaines: Stanley Kubrick Productions, Warner Bros. Pictures


Contactmusic.com: 4.5 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 94%
Fresh: 67 Rotten: 4

IMDB: 8.4 / 10

Cast & Crew



Starring: as Pvt. Joker, as Animal Mother, as Pvt. Pyle, as Gny. Sgt. Hartman, as Eightball, as Rafterman, as Pvt. Cowboy, as Lt. Touchdown, as Lt. Lockhart, as Crazy Earl, as Payback, as Doorgunner, Jon Stafford as Doc Jay, Bruce Boa as Poge Colonel, Ian Tyler as Lt. Cleves, as T.H.E. Rock, Gary Landon Mills as Donlon, Papillon Soo as Da Nang Hooker, Peter Edmund as Snowball, Ngoc Le as VC Sniper, Tan Hung Francione as ARVN Pimp, Costas Dino Chimona as Chili

Full Metal Jacket Review

The best movie ever made about the American experience in Vietnam happens to have been filmed by an American expatriate living in Britain. Stanley Kubrick's war masterpiece is split into two parts, and it's the first that is laser-engraved into the psyche of any film fan. R. Lee Ermey has never (and will never) be able to shake the role of the uber-demanding sergeant, and Matthew Modine and Vincent D'Onofrio turn in career-making performances as well. Written tautly to the point where it's impossible to look away, this harrowing look at the war -- and what the experience was like for the troops before they ever set foot on foreign soil -- is unmatched in the genre.


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Full Metal Jacket Rating

" Extraordinary "