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Facts and Figures

In Theaters: Friday 26th May 2006

Budget: 3

Reviews 2 / 5

IMDB: 5.9 / 10

Cast & Crew



Starring: Joe Henley as Cory Wallace, Chelsea Steffensen as Alex Archer, Eric Jacobus as David Graves, Sean Grove as Jonathan Howlett, Gavin Merrick as Adam Archer, Amberly Steffensen as Stacie Kingsbury, Nathaniel Pierson as Franklin Briggs, Jake Evinger as The Master, Vlad Rimburg as Vlad, Andy Leung as Zell

Immortal Review

Immortal is another one of those movies with sets built completely out of CGI. Yeah, they're already getting to be a little old and trite, but hey, it's a new technology, so let's have fun before it fully burns out.

Straight up, understand that Immortal is as close to nonsense as a movie can get. The story, as much as it has one, takes place in the distant future, where cybernetics and flying cars are commonplace. Poof: A pyramid appears hovering over the city, and the Egyptian god Horus appears to make trouble. As the film develops, Horus tries to use a human to impregnate a woman with blue hair.

Half of the actors in the film are real, half are CGI -- and crudely animated at that. With a (near-cameo) appearance from Charlotte Rampling and a former Miss France in the lead role, there's some attempt to give the film some street cred. But this falls away when we realize how silly the movie is, with it's cornball dialogue ("You are so full of shit, Horus!") and wholly absurd plot.

Based on a popular French comic book (possibly the only French comic book as far as I know), Immortal has a built-in fan base who will obviously find the familiar visuals thrilling when they're in a moving setting. Everyone else will probably find the film trite and confusing -- if they make it to the end at all.

Aka Immortel (ad vitam).


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Andrew Ryan

"possibly the only French comic book as far as I know" Asterix?

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