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"Inspired by Evita!" it says on the poster. I'll say. Little Mother is an Evita clone all the way down to the costumes -- just with a few orgies thrown in here and there -- and it's just as awful.

The "Little Mother" is Christiane Krüger's Marina Pinares, a mournful woman looking back on her life after becoming the wife of a South American dictator and -- egomaniacally -- hoping to be deified by the Pope. The film comprises mostly those recollections, as Marina remembers her early life as a hooker and a maneater, clawing her way through orgies and torture chambers all the way to the top.

Well, as bas as Evita is, this (non-musical) character study's got nothing going for it at all, with the grainy production values of an underground porn movie and a cast with all the charisma of rock salt. Metzger -- a notorious fan of elaborately staged sex scenes -- seems paralyzed by the idea of working with costumed actors in what is essentially a period piece, and his passion is wholly lacking in Mother. As for Krüger, she mopes through each scene with minimal commitment to the role. Why would anyone in this beat-down country love their Little Mother? Because she makes a moving speech about matches?


The film is now available as part of The Radley Metzger Collection Volume 2, with The Dirty Girls and Score. Extras include production stills, the original trailer, and more.

(Easter egg: The side of the DVD case reads "Little Motherr.")

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