Mrs. Dalloway


Facts and Figures

In Theaters: Sunday 21st February 1988

Box Office Worldwide: $3.3M

Production compaines: First Look International, Bergen Film

Reviews 2 / 5

Cast & Crew


Producer: , Lisa Katselas Paré

Starring: as Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway, as Young Clarissa, as Peter Walsh, as Young Peter, as Lady Rosseter, as Young Sally, as Richard Dalloway, as Young Richard, as Hugh Whitbread, Hal Cruttenden as Young Hugh, as Septimus Warren Smith, as Rezia Warren Smith, as Lady Bruton, as Sir William Bradshaw, Richenda Carey as Lady Bradshaw

Mrs. Dalloway Review

Proof that period pieces often live up to their reputation as dry, droll, dull, and witless pictures. This retelling of the Virginia Woolf novel is heavy on the voice over, and light on just about everything else. McElhone as the young Mrs. D is mildly interesting... but that's about it.