Planet of the Vampires


Planet of the Vampires Review

1960s sci-fi was always a budget affair, and Planet of the Vampires is no exception to the rule. Directed by Mario Bava, who would later go on to fame as a master of the splatter genre, the vampires here are more like zombies who embody the minds of the hapless explorers who land on this otherwise desolate world, The Thing-style. Unfortunately, even Bava's camera tricks and boxum heroines can't save a plodding story and typically cheesy sets. The ending's a hoot, though.

Aka Terrore nello spazio .

Planet of the Vampires

Facts and Figures

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Run time: 88 mins

In Theaters: Wednesday 27th October 1965

Distributed by: HBO Video

Production compaines: America-International Pictures (AIP)

Reviews 2 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 70%
Fresh: 7 Rotten: 3

IMDB: 6.3 / 10

Cast & Crew



Starring: as Captain Mark Markary, as Sanya, Ángel Aranda as Wess, as Tiona, as Brad / Mud, Franco Andrei as Bert / Garr, Fernando Villena as Dr. Karan, Mario Morales as Eldon, Ivan Rassimov as Carter / Dervy, Federico Boido as Keir, Alberto Cevenini as Toby Markary / Wan, Massimo Righi as Captain Sallas / Nordeg