Resident Evil: Apocalypse

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Facts and Figures

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Run time: 94 mins

In Theaters: Friday 10th September 2004

Box Office USA: $50.7M

Box Office Worldwide: $129.4M

Budget: $45M

Distributed by: Sony Pictures

Production compaines: Constantin Film, Impact Pictures

Reviews 2 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 21%
Fresh: 26 Rotten: 98

IMDB: 6.2 / 10

Cast & Crew

Starring: as Alice, as Jill Valentine, as Carlos Olivera, as Major Cain, as Angie Ashford, as Sgt. Peyton Wells (as Raz Adoti), as Dr. Ashford, as L.J., as Terri Morales, as Nemesis, as Nicholai Ginovaeff, as Dr. Isaacs, Dave Nichols as Captain Henderson, Stefan Hayes as Yuri Loginova, Geoffrey Pounsett as Mackenzie, Shaun Austin-Olsen as Priest, Geny Walters as Mrs. Priest, Megan Fahlenbock as Marla Mapes, Robert Morelli as Director, as Assistant, Chris Benson as Lance Halloran, Martin Martinuzzi as Overworked Detective, Brad Borbridge as Overworked Sergeant, Frank Chiesurin as Sniper, Ron Benjamin as Bum, Kevin Hare as Home Owner / Scientist, Heather Dick as Older Woman, Alex Courey as Suit #1, John Detoro as Suit #2, Billy Khoury as Suit #3, Sava Drayton as Suit #4, Nicole Ann St. Hill as Undead Gaudy Hooker, Ricardo Betancourt as Burly Cop #1, Ted Ludzik as Burly Cop #2, Michelle Latimer as Tech #1, Catherine Burdon as Tech #2, Rebecca Sims as Undead Little Girl, Christopher Weedon as Undead Little Boy #1, Billy Parrott as Security Guard, Derek Aasland as Featured Graveyard Undead 1 (as Derek Asland) / Featured "Surplus" Undead #3, Richard Harte as Featured Graveyard Undead 2 / Featured Rooftop Undead #2, Simon Girard as Chopper Pilot #1, Dean Copkov as Chopper Pilot #2, Jeff White as Chopper Pilot #4, Tim Burd as Refugee #1, Natalie Charles as Refugee #2, Pierre Henry as Screaming Soldier, Jim Codrington as Lieutenant, Deborah Valente as Tech, Malcolm Fiddick as Reflection Undead, Malcolm Xerxes as Featured City Hall Undead #1, Michy Gustavia as Featured City Hall Undead #2, Shane Mackinnon as Featured City Hall Undead #3, Ed Fielding as Featured City Hall Undead #4, Stephen R. Hart as Featured City Hall Undead #5 (as Stephen Hart), Sandi Stahlbrand as Reporter #1, Christopher Marren as Guard (as Chris Marren), Tom Gerhardt as Zombie Dad, Amber Marshall as Daughter, Venice Grant as Undead Stripper #1, Ana Danilina as Undead Stripper #2, Ingrid Johansson as Featured IV Woman Undead, Jeffrey Weedon as Undead Little Boy #2, as Featured Undead Kid #1, Annabel Chu as Featured Undead Kid #2, Joey Jefferson as Featured Undead Kid #3, Heather Braaten as Featured Rooftop Undead #1, Joey Beck as Featured Rooftop Undead #3, Eric Morgan as Featured Undead City Walker #1, Gene Pyrz as Featured Undead City Walker #2, Torquil Colbo as Featured Undead City Walker #3, Joan Moore as Featured Undead City Walker #4, Peter C. Wylde as Featured Undead City Walker #5, Garry Geddes as Featured Undead City Walker #6, Dionne Renee as Featured Undead City Walker #7, Janessa Crimi as Featured Undead Kid #4, Dan Ellery as Featured Graveyard Undead 1 (as Derek Asland) / Featured "Surplus" Undead #3, Sharon Moore as Featured "Surplus" Undead #2, Jo Chim as Network Anchor #1, Bobby Prochaska as Network Anchor #2, Jazz Mann as Reporter #2, Larissa Gomes as Reporter #3, Gregory White as Lab Technician, as Leader Umbrella Guard, as Umbrella Gate Guard, as Featured School Undead, as Matt Addison (archive footage)

Also starring:

Resident Evil: Apocalypse Review

Anyone who's a fan of the Resident Evil series of video games can't help but get a little twinge of excitement seeing the trailer for this second RE film, even if you thought the first Resident Evil was atrocious. Why? This flick has some of your favorite game characters: Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) and the horrific Nemesis monster. Dude!

But while I'll admit that I felt that twinge (since I am an old fan of the games), I can't say that this equally lame sequel does anything to prolong that twinge into real enjoyment. Resident Evil: Apocalypse rots - as badly as its zombie costars. It has a few cheap violent thrills, but none of the true suspense or chills that you'll crave.

We pick up where the last film left off. Alice (Milla Jovovich, looking as stunning as ever) wakes up in a lab in Raccoon City, which is overrun with zombies. Her old boss, mega-corporation and first film's villain Umbrella Corporation, has been using the same T-virus, which turns everyone into the brain-chomping undead, to engineer two supersoldiers: Alice, who's now a kind of bionic woman, and Nemesis, an ultra-mutant that packs a mean rocket launcher.

Umbrella is also responsible for the zombie invasion in town, unleashing the virus from its underground lab from movie 1, and now they have to nuke the town at sunrise to erase evidence of the foul up. Alice and her crew have to get out of town before morning, without getting chomped by ghoulies and without getting blasted by Nemesis.

The plot is somewhat enticing, because it's lifted from the cool storyline of the games. But somehow, writer Paul W.S. Anderson (who is also Jovovich's fiancé) and director Alexander Witt can't make it scary or thrilling. The zombies still suck, as they're slow and non-menacing (except, possibly, in their sheer numbers).

Instead, you'll have to settle for massive explosions and constant, brutal firepower, which just doesn't carry you through. Between the action, you slog through a sappy "We've got to stick together!" moments and more Alice flashbacks to the first movie than you can shake a stick at.

But let's face it; one doesn't go to see the Resident Evil sequel for the great writing or acting. Mike Epps turns in one of the better performances in a "wacky black guy" type role, this film's attempt at comic relief. Unfortunately, if Milla Jovovich is of the strongest talents in your cast, it's clear you've spent your money elsewhere.

The emphasis here, even more than in the first RE, is to clearly to recreate the shoot-'em-up video game experience. Get the crew to the school, save the little girl, get airlifted out of the city, mow everything down in your path, earn more powerful weapons, and fight the big boss in the end. Oh, and make sure you leave things open for another sequel.

Can they actually draw this franchise out further? I suppose if you keep Milla dressed up with a hot outfits and a shotgun, the audience will keep coming - like the Raccoon City zombies in this film. Except the RE movie-going audience is probably scarier.

Requisite sheet-ville.


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Resident Evil: Apocalypse Rating

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