Suicide Kings

Suicide Kings

Facts and Figures

Run time: 106 mins

In Theaters: Friday 17th April 1998

Distributed by: Artisan Entertainment

Reviews 3 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 34%
Fresh: 10 Rotten: 19

IMDB: 7.0 / 10

Cast & Crew

Director: Peter O'Fallon

Starring: as Carlo Bartolucci, as Avery Chasten, as Max Minot, as T.K., as Jennifer, as Brett Campbell, as Doorman, as Lono Veccio, Nathan Dana Aldrich as Marcus, Frank Medrano as Heckle, as Jeckyll

Suicide Kings Review

So-so thriller about a bunch of guys who kidnap a mob boss in order to guarantee the return of one of their sisters. Or something like that. Dumb premise. Mediocre execution.