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Facts and Figures

Run time: 81 mins

In Theaters: Friday 8th October 1999

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Production compaines: SNL Studios

Reviews 3 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 32%
Fresh: 24 Rotten: 50

IMDB: 5.0 / 10

Cast & Crew



Starring: as Mary Katherine Gallagher, as Sky Corrigan, as Evian Carrie Graham, as Eric Slater, as Dylan Schmultz-Plutzker, as Grandma, as Father Ritley, as Howard, as Father John, as Helen, Jennifer Irwin as Maria, Rob Stefaniuk as Thomas, Natalie Radford as Autum, as Summer, as Owen, Jack Newman as Mr. Feinstein, as Mrs. Corrigan, as Freaky Freddy, Joan Massiah as Crucifix Nun, Jean Howell as Moira McDaniels, Mallory Margel as Little Mary, Aidan Kelly as Thornton Gallagher, Jane Moffat as Sister Eileen, as Sister Anne, Robert Clark as Little Boy Slater, Boyd Banks as Weatherman, Joanna Bennett as Student (uncredited), Spencer Humm as Choral Singer (uncredited), Fraser McGregor as Bike Boy (uncredited), Jonathan Gabriel Robbins as Tom, Whose Dad Is Dead (uncredited), as Man in Pink Tutu (uncredited)

Also starring: ,

Superstar Review

It's time to see some new female faces in comedy. Sure there are lots of women comedians, but who else can successfully headline a big-time film other than Janeane Garofalo these days? I won't believe for a second that the talent is not out there. I just think some stereotypes need to be broken down first.

That's why Superstar, starring Molly Shannon, is a breath of fresh air. It's the first film in a long while to give a woman the freedom to "get jiggy" with all-out Jim Carrey-esque full body humor.

Directed by Bruce McCulloch (Kids in the Hall), Superstar is based on Molly Shannon's popular Saturday Night Live character, Mary Katherine Gallagher. Mary is an Irish Catholic schoolgirl whose vivid imagination puts her in a fantasy world that knows no bounds. In search of a man who will deliver a bona fide Hollywood-style kiss, she realizes that the only way she is ever going to get what she wants is to become just like the people in the movies. When she learns that Catholic Teen Magazine is holding a talent contest at her school, she sees her big chance to fulfill her dreams. After all, once she's a Superstar, all the guys will be lining up to give her that first kiss.

Unfortunately, Superstar cannot escape the plague that often ruins a film in transition from the original skit format. The plot is imaginative, yet lacks the durability and depth to be made into an exceptionally entertaining full-length feature film.

On the other hand, to say this movie is not enjoyable would be misleading. Even the most difficult-to-amuse skeptics will laugh at some of Mary's screwball antics; like her tendency to make-out with street signs or her sudden inclination to break into totally random monologues from made-for-TV movies. If you like Saturday Night Live then you'll love Sky Corrigan (Will Ferrell), the teen heartthrob that Mary is infatuated with. Those two have great chemistry and their silly dance routines amused me greatly.

Other than the 5,000 shots of Mary's white panties, which do get old after a while, the movie is relatively worthwhile. Give this one a chance--- and see if you notice something strange about all the cars in the background.


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Superstar Rating

" OK "