The Delicate Delinquent

The Delicate Delinquent

Facts and Figures

Run time: 101 mins

In Theaters: Thursday 6th June 1957

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Production compaines: York Pictures Corporation

Reviews 2.5 / 5

IMDB: 6.4 / 10

Cast & Crew



Starring: as Sidney L. Pythias, as Mike Damon, as Martha Henshaw, as Monk, as Capt. Riley, Richard Bakalyan as Artie, Joseph Corey as Harry, Mary Webster as Patricia, Milton Frome as Mr. Herman, Jefferson Dudley Searles as Mr. Crow (as Jefferson Searles)

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The Delicate Delinquent Review

Jerry Lewis's first sans-Dino flick (Martin didn't want to be seen on screen in a police uniform) isn't anything special, but its goofy premise -- a janitor is mistaken for a hoodlum, and he is "rehabilitated" by an oblivious policeman -- might win him a few converts. The gags aren't terribly good or bad, but a gibberish-filled fight with a Japanese wrestler (not exactly a sumo wrestler, but whatever) is somewhat memorable.