The Fourth Angel

The Fourth Angel

Facts and Figures

Run time: 96 mins

In Theaters: Friday 18th January 2002

Production compaines: New Legend Media

Reviews 3 / 5

IMDB: 5.4 / 10

Cast & Crew


Producer: , Peter R. Simpson

Starring: as Jack Elgin, as Agent Jules Bernard, as Davidson, as Maria, as Kate Stockton, as Olivia, as Jones, Joel Pitts as Andrew Elgin, Anna Maguire as Joanne Elgin, Holly Boyd as Julia, Kal Weber as Kulindos, as Lewison, MI5 Officer, William Armstrong as Perry, Garrick Hagon as Duguay, Serge Soric as Ivanic Loyvek, Ivan Marevich as Karadan Maldic, Dorin Rimbu as Milos Zderiko, Joerg Stadler as Anton Kostic, Julian Rivett as Sasha Polenkow, as Leo Hasse (as Mike Sarne), as Dusan, Peter Majer as Mirostav Matanovic, Kate Fahy as Gail (Jack's Secretary), Badi Uzzaman as Dr. Mackay, John Ioannou as Gen. Patakis, as U.S. Ambassador, Neil Daglish as Senior Police Officer, Catherine Hood as Junior Doctor, Natasha Williams as Theatre Bar Girl, Paul Birchard as Pilot, Madeleine Slater as Ivanic's Daughter, Barry Jackson as Tarnowner

Also starring:

The Fourth Angel Review

Presumably postponed after 9/11 spooked studios and canned after Collateral Damage turned out stillborn, The Fourth Angel arrives on DVD and revisits a theme much like Arnold's movie: Man's wife and daughter killed by terrorists in hijacking gone bad, man goes vigilante when the government does nothing about it.

Jeremy Irons plays Jack Elgin, the unlikely Goetz in this tale, at first distraught and then angry enough to devise meticulous plans to get vengeance on the plane's hijackers who shot his family members so callously. Elgin at first proceeds rather predictably, hunting down the terrorists thanks to tip-off info from people sympathetic to his cause, and then the feds (led by Forest Whitaker, though we're in in England... never mind all that) start to close in. But wait: Is Elgin being set up by someone else who wants the thugs dead?

Angel is perplexing on a number of levels. Foremost is how a magazine editor can singlehandedly take out a large gang of presumable well-trained terrorists. But beyond that we have an enormous government machine that is powerless to stop any of this, and one of the most obvious "behind the scenes" bad guys in movie history.

Still, The Fourth Angel is a reasonably good flick (the title is a real stretch, referring to a line in Revelations), fun to watch and surprising from time to time. You won't find many surprises in store for you (explaining why this movie never saw the light of day, I'm sure), but by golly it beats whatever's on UPN right now.