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The Kid (1997) Review

It's Girlfight without the girl. Or it's The Karate Kid without the karate. (In fact, judging from the title, that's precisely what it is!) All of this makes for a movie about boxing children, and even though I'm a fan of the sport, this is just a little too creepy to watch.

Jeff Saumier stars as Jimmy Albright, the titular kid who wants to box despite the protests of his father. Eventually he decides to train with the grumpy Harry Sloan (Rod Steiger, scary as always) on the sly. There's heartache and subterfuge -- but do you think little Jimmy will eventually face off against his nemesis in the ring anyway? And who do you think will win?

The Kid is a perfectly workmanlike production, but about a dozen movies have done this story better, and I'd even include Rocky in that lineup. What are we supposed to get out of this, anyway? That it's okay for kids to violate their parents' wishes as long as they have "heart"? That even if you're scrawny you'll probably be able to beat down the bigger guy in the boxing ring? Good luck trying to figure out what you're supposed to think about The Kid at all.

Ralph Macchio, you've never looked cooler!