The Men Who Killed Kennedy

The Men Who Killed Kennedy

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy Review

This old look at the Kennedy assassination is a textbook primer to the conspiracy and controversy, but it's unfortunately not a lot more interesting than a textbook, either.

The documentary (produced throughout the years and in various parts) presents virtually the same version of the tale told in Oliver Stone's JFK, with shooters posited on the grassy knoll, rumors of supressed evidence, the Warren Report exposed as a sham, and Lee Harvey Oswald a hapless patsy. There's also a little extra information that Stone didn't get to -- that Kennedy's autopsy photos might have been faked, and that Oswald's body, exhumed in 1981, was not the same one buried in 1963.

It's interesting for history/conspiracy buffs but hardly great entertainment. The information is presented in straightforward present-day interviews and with a prodigious amount of stock footage, perfect for preserving the historical record, but not exactly a great Friday night in front of the tube.