The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs

Facts and Figures

Run time: 118 mins

In Theaters: Thursday 14th February 1991

Box Office Worldwide: $272.7M

Budget: $19M

Distributed by: Orion Pictures Corporation

Production compaines: Orion Pictures, Strong Heart Productions

Reviews 4.5 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 94%
Fresh: 67 Rotten: 4

IMDB: 8.6 / 10

Cast & Crew


Producer: Ronald M. Bozman, ,

Starring: as Hannibal Lecter, as Clarice Starling, as Jack Crawford, as Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb, as Dr. Frederick Chilton, as Catherine Martin, as Senator Ruth Martin, as Ardelia Mapp, as Barney Matthews, as Lamar, as Lt. Boyle, Danny Darst as Sgt. Tate, Alex Coleman as Sgt. Pembry, as Roden, as Pilcher, as Paul Krendler, as FBI Director Hayden Burke, Lawrence A. Bonney as FBI Instructor, Lawrence T. Wrentz as Agent Burroughs, Don Brockett as Friendly Psychopath, Fank Seals Jr. as Brooding Psychopath, Stuart Rudin as Miggs, Masha Skorobogatov as Young Clarice, Jeffrie Lane as Clarice's Father, Leib Lensky as Mr. Lang, George 'Red' Schwartz as Mr. Lang's Driver (as Red Schwartz), Jim Roche as TV Evangelist, James B. Howard as Boxing Instructor, as Mr. Brigham, Chuck Aber as Agent Terry, Gene Borkan as Oscar, as Sheriff Perkins, as Dr. Akin, Darla as "Precious" (as "Darla"), Adelle Lutz as TV Anchor Woman, as TV Anchor Man, as TV Sportscaster, Jim Dratfield as Sen. Martin's Aide, Stanton-Miranda as 1st Reporter, Rebecca Saxon as 2nd Reporter, as Officer Jacobs, Brent Hinkley as Officer Murray, Steve Wyatt as Airport Flirt, as Spooked Memphis Cop, Andre B. Blake as Tall Memphis Cop (as Andre Blake), Bill Dalzell as Distraught Memphis Cop (as Bill Dalzell III), as SWAT Commander, as SWAT Communicator, Tommy Lafitte as SWAT Shooter (as Tommy LaFitte), Josh Broder as EMS Attendant, Buzz Kilman as EMS Driver, Harry Northup as Mr. Bimmel, Lauren Roselli as Stacy Hubka, Lamont Arnold as Flower Delivery Man, as State Trooper (uncredited), Ted Monte as FBI Agent (uncredited), George A. Romero as FBI Agent in Memphis (uncredited)

Also starring: ,

The Silence of the Lambs Review

Is it a modern masterpiece? Did it deserve to sweep the four big Academy Awards? Is it one of the best thrillers ever made? A definitive maybe to all three questions. The Silence of the Lambs is definitely an experience that gets better and better each time you watch it, and it paved the way for some of the greatest sickos of 1990s cinema. Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter has entered the annals of pop culture and will never be forgotten, but it's really Jodie Foster's frail-yet-foolhardy protagonist that carries the film.

Silence's influence can be seen in virtually every thriller made today. So even if you think Anthony Hopkins didn't deserve a Best Actor Oscar with less than 20 minutes of screen time, you still have to give the Lambs their due.