The Wild Angels


Facts and Figures

Run time: 93 mins

In Theaters: Wednesday 20th July 1966

Distributed by: Sultan Entertainment

Production compaines: American International Pictures (AIP)

Reviews 1 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 50%
Fresh: 5 Rotten: 5

IMDB: 5.8 / 10

Cast & Crew



Starring: as Heavenly Blues, as Mike 'Monkey', as Joe 'Loser' Kearns, as Gaysh, as Dear John, Norman Alden as Medic, as Pigmy

The Wild Angels Review

Hell's Angels maraud California until one of their pals (Bruce Dern) bites it. Then his Nazi funeral turns ugly. That's the sum of it. Peter Fonda, Nancy Sinatra, and Diane Ladd can't save this pile of junk, a train wreck of epic proportions. It manages to be exploitative, lifeless, and boring at the same time! Truly, one of the most awful movies ever made, despite its pedigree (Venice Film Festival, Peter Bogdonavich rewrite, banned in Denmark, etc.).