Ritchie 'To Spend Christmas With Madonna For Kids'

Guy Ritchie - Ritchie 'To Spend Christmas With Madonna For Kids'

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Director Guy Ritchie will spend Christmas (10) with his ex-wife Madonna so he can celebrate the holiday with their children, according to a new U.K. report.
The former couple, which split in 2008 after almost eight years of marriage, is said to be planning to reunite on 25 December (10) for the sake of their son Rocco, Madonna's daughter Lourdes and adopted tots David and Mercy.
But Ritchie's plans have angered his new girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley, who will not be joining her partner, according to Britain's Mail On Sunday.
A source tells the publication, "Jacqui was really looking forward to spending Christmas with her man but is now feeling very much left out in the cold.
"Guy is excited about spoiling his children on Christmas Day. He has told Jacqui he’s spending it with his ex-wife for the sake of the children - but it hasn’t gone down at all well."

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Why all the emphasis on Guy and Jacquie? It reads like it's Madonna's idea!!! Guy and Madonna have spent Christmas Day with the kids in Wiltshire for the last two years since their divorce. The kids most definitely come first and Guy is the one who loves to go overboard at Xmas. I applaud their family values. I notice there is no hard luck story about Brahim (Madonna's boyfriend) who will also not be invited. Last year Guy was single but Madonna was in a relationship with Jesus Luz ( had been for a year). I didn't read any sob stories about him being left out in the cold but even though he was with her in London he was not Invited Christmas Day!!If you go out with a divorced person with kids, and they're on good terms with their ex., expect them to be together as a family on Xmas Day. However, if Guy does marry Jacqui ( as tge media us convinced ge will) next Xmas could be very entertaining!!!
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