Hugh Laurie's Childhood Hunger Strike

Hugh Laurie - Hugh Laurie's Childhood Hunger Strike

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Actor Hugh Laurie hated piano lessons so much as a boy, he embarked on a hunger strike in protest.
The House star is now an accomplished musician who plays guitar, drums, harmonica and saxophone, but admits he resorted to extreme measures when he was forced to enrol in piano classes.
He tells the Bbc, "I did have piano lessons, very briefly. I loathed it. I insisted on giving it up. In fact, I actually went on hunger strike. I didn't eat for three or four days. When you're 10, that's rather a long time."
But Laurie's musical tuition clearly paid off - he has been receiving rave reviews for his debut blues album, Let Them Talk.

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Iwa Iniki

When I took piano lessons as a child, I had to play Starlight Waltz and I hated it. If he had to do the same thing, I can see where he did not care for his childhood piano lessons.
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