Incubus Rocker Writes Classical Symphony

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Incubus guitarist MIKE EINZIGER's new musical direction is guaranteed to surprise fans of the U.S. rockers - he's writing a classical symphony. Einziger has been working on his project since March (07), after undergoing surgery to relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a nerve condition which leads to pain, paresthesias and muscle weakness in the forearm and hand. Although he has no plans to quit Incubus, the 31-year-old is so serious about the currently untitled symphony, he has been studying classical composition for five days a week with a teacher. He tells website, "I couldn't play guitar for a few months, so I just started studying music again. I started working on (the symphony), and I learned very quickly that there were a lot of gaps in my musical knowledge. "I'm just kind of writing it in small pieces, because it's very intimidating to think of it as a whole body of work. It'll probably be three movements and 40 minutes of music, and that's a lot of music to write. "And I completely realise that it can't just be interesting only because it's the guitar player of a rock band writing it. It has to stand up to the work of other composers as well. It's a pretty hefty task for me to endure, but I'm actually excited about it."

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hey. my son has been playing classical guitar since he was five--the Suzuki method addresses the carpal tunnel problem--if you're taught the correct technique from the start, it's never an issue.he's 16 now and can jam like anything.we just got back from a trip to USC to check out their classisal guitar department. have you heard of Pepe Romero or how about the LA guitar quartet--USC is their home base.hope he gets accepted.we're in ann arbor, michigan and mary lou roberts is the teacher. she's putting out some real good musicians--watch out
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