Curtis Dons Wig For Cancer Patient

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Jamie Lee Curtis stunned gala guests as she stepped onto the red carpet in a hot pink wig on Saturday night (09May09) - to pay tribute to a young girl who died of cancer.
The actress was barely recognisable under the short, neon hairpiece as she arrived at the third annual Noche De Ninos Gala in Los Angeles.
But the star explained to reporters that her new look was in honour of a cancer victim she met a few years ago and who passed away at just 15.
She says, "We were at a news conference and she pulled off this wig and on her head she had written Jamie Lee Curtis Rocks.
"That night I borrowed her wig and went to this event, where we raised millions of dollars for Children's Hospital Pittsburgh. After she died, I asked her mother if I could have her wig to carry her message."
And later in the night, Curtis caused another small frenzy as she pulled Arnold Schwarzenegger in for a smooch while accepting an award on stage.
The actor-turned-California governor, who played Curtis' secret agent husband in 1994 movie True Lies, presented her with a Courage To Care Award - and she thanked him by planting a kiss on his lips.

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