B.o.b. And Dupri Pay Tribute To M-bone

Jermaine Dupri - B.o.b. And Dupri Pay Tribute To M-bone

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Hip-hop stars B.O.B and Jermaine Dupri are leading tributes to rapper M-Bone, who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on Sunday (15May11).
The Cali Swag District star, real name Montae Talbert, was killed by a gunman in Inglewood, California.
Now B.o.B, who appeared on the band's Teach Me How to Dougie track along with Dupri and Bow Wow, has praised the slain 22 year old, telling MTV, "You know, just from me, the time that I did work with him and just being around him, they definitely had a really good vibe. He was the one; he brought a lot of the life with the dance moves. He was really innovative in that aspect of it. Initially, when I heard about the news - when you hear it, it's almost like, damn, you don't even want to believe it."
Dupri adds, "I believe that he was the one that they all looked to... Everyone was about it, but he was the one who went hard with it.
"He was instrumental at showing people the dances. He was the main inspiration behind the creative dances that ultimately defined the group. He was the fourth member, who didn't rap, but played his position by taking the lead on creating unique dances."
Talbert's bandmates have appealed to the public to try and track down the gunman as police continue to investigate the star's death.

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Man Datz Soo Sad Bcuz Sum1 Kills U Bcuz Dey R Jealous Of U....I Wood Have Ben Lyke Dnt Hate Appreciate....M-Bone Waz Soo Cute An Still Iz Even Tho Hes Gone.........."Gone But Never 4gotten Montae Talbert AkA M-Bone...Ily!!!!!"
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