Cusack Fascinated With Bulgarian Men

Cusack Fascinated With Bulgarian Men

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John Cusack finds Bulgarian men highly amusing - because they remind him of steroid-pumped versions of the Backstreet Boys.

The Hollywood actor is currently in the Eastern European country with Morgan Freeman filming the upcoming thriller THE CONTRACT, and he admits he's finding the locals fascinating.

He says, "Bulgaria's a very, very strange place. It's really coming up. It's beautiful and the people are very, very nice...

"And it does have a strange subsection of people where they're sort of a cross between a Backstreet Boy and (former baseball player) Jose Canseco. Kind of steroidy.

"They drive around in Mercedes Benzes and they have kind of supermodel girlfriends and they share the streets with packs of wild dogs. I'm not kidding. It sounds like a joke, but it's true. I kinda like it. It's got a lot going for it that way.

"It is one of the most surreal places I've ever been. There's no dog catchers there, I guess, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They have no collars and they own the streets with the supermodels and the steroid kind of Backstreet Boys."

27/07/2005 03:12

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I totally LOVE John Paul Cusack. This guy is just 'truth'. He reminds me of a gentle version of my grandma (who we affectionately called "GA GA"). Don't take this the wrong way. They look nothing alike, of course.But GA GA would just say what she thought. She was, at times, brutally honest. But you could trust her. She would never BS you. Never.I feel that way about John. Of all the films I've seen him in. They have a very high 'truth ratio' and that's the JAMMMMM!!!
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