Katherine Jackson 'isn't worried' about custody

Katherine Jackson - Katherine Jackson 'isn't worried' about custody

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Katherine Jackson ''isn't worried'' about Debbie Rowe's bid to gain custody of Michael Jackson's three children.

The former nurse - who was married to the late 'Thriller' star for just under three years until October 1999 - reportedly wants to secure guardianship of their son, Prince, 17, and daughter, Paris, 15, and his son Blanket, 12, who was born via surrogate, because she thinks their grandmother Katherine, who is the children's legal guardian, is too old to care for them properly.

But a source told PEOPLE.com: ''Katherine isn't worried about it. It will never happen. She's not heard a word about this from Debbie Rowe officially or unofficially and she hasn't been contacted by her lawyers.''

Katherine, 83, shares custody of the children with their cousin T.J. Jackson, and lives with them in Los Angeles.

Michael's brothers, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie and Marlon Jackson, recently accused Debbie of abandoning her children for money following her split from Michael.

They said: ''We are quite taken back that Ms. Rowe has decided now to enter their lives, after she abandoned her children many years ago for money.''

Debbie has been slowly rebuilding a relationship with her daughter, Paris, since the 'Billie Jean' hitmaker's death in 2009.

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I think the comment that gets me the most is somehow anyone can be "TO OLD TO BE A MOTHER". I know far to many young people who should never be anyone's mother and whether she tries to base that as her reason to want the children, Jermaine and the others DO have a point. Debbie's argument in the beginning has always been that she only had these kids because MICHAEL WANTED CHILDREN NOT BECAUSE SHE WANTED CHILDREN. That is why it was easy for her to take money and waive her parental rights, so for her to all of a sudden wants to be these babies momma to not just the two she carried FOR MICHAEL but assumes she should take Blanket also is a bit much! I hope no judge will be this blind! I hope the Jacksons are making arrangement if anything does happen to Katherine, because I would hate to see this women get her hands on MJ's kids and their inheritance so she can make her porn producer new husband rich!!

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