Korn Scrap Tour Due To Singer's Illness

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Rockers Korn have scrapped their European tour due to an unspecified illness suffered by singer Jonathan Davis. The group was forced to perform at Britain's Download Festival at the weekend (10JUN06) without Davis when he was hospitalised in London, and now his health crisis has brought their whole tour to a halt. Insiders claim Davis has been ordered by doctors not to perform for several weeks. Korn hope to be back on the road for their Family Values tour, which is due to begin at the end of July (06) in Virginia. Singers from Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and Skindred joined Davis' bandmates onstage at the Download Festival to run through a hits set. The rock festival also featured Metallica and reformed supergroups Alice In Chains and GUNS N' ROSES.

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hi my name is chrisy and I would just like to tell you that I hope that johathon davis gets bettter soon so you guys can get back on the road and play some more great shows for all of your fans out there so johathon you get better ok bye. sincerly,metalgirl_5552001
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