Lucy Lawless Charged With Burglary After Protest Arrest

Lucy Lawless - Lucy Lawless Charged With Burglary After Protest Arrest

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Actress Lucy Lawless has been charged with burglary and released from police custody after she was arrested for staging a protest onboard an oil ship docked in her native New Zealand.
The former Xena: Warrior Princess star was among a group of Greenpeace campaigners who climbed aboard the vessel in Taranaki, New Zealand, on Friday (24Feb12) and chained themselves to the ship's tower to protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.
They spent four days onboard before they were removed by police on Monday (27Feb12) and subsequently arrested.
Lawless and her fellow protesters were charged with burglary and bailed to appear at New Plymouth District Court on Thursday (01Mar12).
In her final posts on prior to her arrest, the actress wrote, "We stand in solidarity with all who love the earth - let's Save the Arctic from Shell!... Seven of us came up the tower on Shell's drillship but 4 days later 130,000 will come down. In solidarity we can Save The Arctic."

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Greenpeace can be annoying if not very effective but they are harming noone in this case except embarrasing the owners of the drill ship who should have known that greenpeace are active in new zealand so should have had better security they should think themselves lucky it could just have easily been somebody more sinister remember Rainbow Warrior and the French good luck to Greenpeace and the people like Lucy who use their celebrity to bring these issues to the notice of the world I have no axe to grind with either Shell or Greenpeace {might have a soft spot for Lucy though LoL]
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