Madness Honoured To Play Jubilee Concert

Madness - Madness Honoured To Play Jubilee Concert

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Madness are honoured to be playing the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert.

The 'One Step Beyond' group are part of the line up for a huge concert celebrating 60 years of the British monarch's reign, held at Buckingham Palace on June 4, and frontman Suggs is delighted to be involved.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Well, the queen phoned us up, she didn't really.

''Her private secretary wrote us a letter, and we were very happy to do it. Yeah, I like the queen, and I'm very pleased to be playing at her party.''

The 'Baggy Trousers' singer will be performing alongside other British talent such as classic artists like Paul McCartney and Elton John and more contemporary stars such as Jessie J and JLS.

Commenting on the line up, Suggs - real name Graham Mcpherson - added: ''I think there's lots of good things going on. I think there's lots of great new bands around, yeah I mean, there's a very vibrant music scene in Britain at the moment.''

Take That singer Gary Barlow is organising the concert, and while Suggs is a fan of his singing, he's not so excited by Gary's other job as a judge on 'The X Factor'.

He said: ''I don't watch it myself. It's entertaining television but I don't think it really means anything.''

Suggs is the ambassador of the new Camden Town iPhone App - Suggs will feature as virtual guide, taking visitors on a tour of the area, showing them the best music and entertainment venues. To download the app for free visit the iTunes store and search for 'Camden.'

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theresa krasnuik

SO?weather is nice isn't it? NO rain on the concert days would be great eh! tell elton john, I am finding some work in near future, whats new? being succussful doing something important! riding a pig on the farm for fun, while too small or big, try anyhow, hu, ha! so whats new? Oh yeah, we must talk, christianity very important, lets all throw out the devils (please) man to a woman in marriage is where life is at, I know, I am very deeply sorry tell ELton, that my life was interrupted and enhanced with two children, but not sorry for having children I own. trying to improve, I can't be without them! LOve from Sundown you better take care, cuz I know I've been driving down my gravel 302 in my convertable, I 'm sitting in it. be healthy to you Elton, thats a nice band coming up Madness, style douzhe nice! ok, so, I hope I could one day in future meet sir elton, Reginald white, I am so glad I saw you! I'll keep my memories of love with me since May 8th. I sang Elvis's darling .take care, love from Elson, the sundown cowgirl, church revivla two days late night, clean up someones' house or so, and being quiet.
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