Manic Street Preachers - Richey Edwards' Sister Relieved After Missing Persons Law Change

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The sister of vanished Manic Street Preachers rocker Richey Edwards has spoken of her relief after a new law allowing relatives of missing persons to take over their finances was passed in the U.K.

The Welsh guitarist went missing in London in 1995, and his disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

He was eventually legally declared dead in 2008, and Edwards' family have fought for years for the rights of relatives of missing people, including a change in the law so that they can deal with their properties and bank accounts.

Now British politicians have passed a Presumption of Death Act, which will make it easier to have someone declared dead, therefore freeing up access to their personal affairs.

And Edwards' sister Rachel Elias reveals she's thrilled with the news after years of campaigning, telling Britain's The Sun, "After Richard went missing we had no idea of the absolute hell we would have to face when it came to trying to deal with his affairs.

"Something that should have been so simple became a drawn-out affair costing thousands, involving numerous court actions and lasting years... After Richard went missing we realised quite quickly there were practical things that had to be dealt with - bank accounts, his flat, his publishing rights - but until he was declared dead we could do nothing.

"Under the new system there is one process through which to apply for a presumption of death, and you apply for it once and once only. This way it is much easier and less emotional. Applying for presumption of death doesn't mean you are giving up on the person. It doesn't mean that you are going to stop looking for them. It just means you can deal with their affairs while they are not there. It doesn't feel like the missing person is dead after you get the certificate. I will never stop looking for Richard. I will never give up on trying to find out what happened to him."

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