Dillon At Risk From Central Park Cyclists

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Actor Matt Dillon always feels like tackling cyclists in New York's Central Park because they disrespect him when he's out running. The Crash star loves to jog through the park because he finds no one bothers him when he's running - but he wishes cyclists weren't so ignorant. He says, "People have a tendency to treat joggers like they'd treat squirrels or pigeons - they ignore you. Cyclists disrespect you. They deliberately try to run you over." But Dillon has no plans to give up his bicycle-dodging park runs: "I like to run and I think there's no better place, really, to go for a run than in Central Park. It's beautiful."

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As for your comments in this article. I have this interview on tape. No where does he say the cyclist try to run you over. He was joking with Conan Obrien because Conan said he rode a bicycle. Lighten up people. Print the good not the bbad and give Matt a Break!!!!!!!!!!!! Lesley (Chicago Ill)
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