Prisoners Moved To Allow Gibson To Film In Mexican...

Prisoners Moved To Allow Gibson To Film In Mexican Jail

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Wardens at a jail in Mexico have transferred 300 inmates to other prisons to make way for an upcoming Mel Gibson movie shoot, despite protests from the criminals' relatives.
The Braveheart star is planning to film his next project at the Ignacio Allende prison in the eastern coastal city of Veracruz.
The state governor, Fidel Herrera Beltran, agreed to accommodate Gibson and relocate prisoners to make room for the actor/director's film crew - a decision which caused controversy with the loved ones of the incarcerated.
Hundreds of family members staged a 24-hour demonstration outside the prison last month (Dec09) in a bid to stop the transfers until a new unit could be built to house the prisoners, but their efforts failed and 300 inmates were relocated last week (begs04Jan10).
The prison director confirmed the inmates had been sent to at least four different jails, leaving part of the facility empty for Gibson to use for his shoot. It is currently unknown which project Gibson is planning to film in Veracruz.
Gibson previously filmed his 2006 epic Apocalypto in the city and subsequently handed local authorities a $1 million (£690,000) donation to help build new homes for victims of 2005's Hurricane Stan.

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For the first it not Mel Gibson who is making the movie but the GFK production and the director of the movie is MARTIN CAMPBELL also known for making The Titanic.When are journalists going to do their job?A hurricane devastated thousands of houses there last year, and Mel Gibson donated 1 million dollars to help the families who were homeless.All those prisonners were to be moved to a new jail just builded for them specialy, last month.They werent, because the new jail is not finished yet as there was delays.2. The families protested because they thougth the inmates were to be moved before christmas, but they knew they had to be moved at some point.3. the transfer is momentarily and its the governement responsability to take care that the new jail was finisehd in time.5. it is GFK production that press for the place and not mister Mel Gibson who is just acting in the movie and has nothing to do with that problem and with the prisoners being moved and has no influence on it. He is not producing nor directing the movie so he has no say in it.6. the actual jail has no basic facilities as toilet and bath and is to be destroyed after all inmmates have been moved to the new builded jail, thats also why a new jail was build also because that one is too close to the center of the city and is a security danger for the inhabitants.7. that jail is to be demolished after all inmates have been transfered to the new one and therefor the place was chose to shoot the movie, for its architectural interest, before it was demolished.8. the inmates in that jail are dangerous people and not usual common thieves. They are serial rapists, killers, drug dealers and kidnapers.There is a regretable and worrying tendency to all the time go on the head of Mel Gibson like he was some kind of black sheep for all evil that is being done around.9.I wonder why nobody has mentioned GKF nor Martin Campbell up to now. Thats weird cause its them who ask for the transfer and not Mel Gibson.Whats also weird is that Mexico being as corrupt as it is, none of the journalists in the US not even AFP has use discernement and objectivity and scepticism when printing a copy paste translation of those articles published in veracrúz..All what i can see is a political move from the local oposition to the governor of Veracruz, using the media coverage on Mel Gibson name and fame, therefor no mention of GFK and of Martin Campbell is made, as they know who Mel Gibson is, but nobody ever heard of GFK nor of Martin Campbell there. Its so obvious its to cry to see how naive the media have been in USA in reporting that news.The inmate manifested in front of that jail the 23 of december and it was off the 25 of december, none the less the US media first reported it from the 31 of december like if it was actual news, and as if it was going on real time when they printed the news, when in fact there was no protest going on since a week at that time!its all a fart in a glass of water.For all we know they might have transfered the most dangerous inmates only to new facilities before transferring the rest to the new jail, because of the security problem they represent, and are using the protests agaisnt Mel Gibson and the movie as distraction from the real motives, and the protest we see are orchestrated by inmates and mafia in Veracruz and Mexico.They could be using this occasion to try to make an escape and to get money. No doubt that they are trying to get money from Mel Gibson and or from GFK, and if not just the oposition or people, then the governor of Veracruz himself, using the inmates family to put pressure on Mel Gibson and on GFK production, to lend them some more cash.Typical from the mentality there.Its s all resume to money and political power. As always. all the rest is a game and a show for the front desk hidding all whats really going on behind.
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