Method Man Directs Strip Club Documentary

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Rapper Method Man has added documentary maker to his impressive resume after shooting a new movie about strip clubs.

The WU-TANG CLAN star is the brains behind new film THE STRIP GAME, which features himself and friends like Warren G, Redman and BLINK-182 star Travis BARKER talking about their passion for exotic dance venues.

Method Man, real name CLIFFORD SMITH, came up with the idea of making the film after being offered the chance to make a straightforward porn video.

He says, "I never wanted to go totally DOGGY STYLE or GIRLS GONE WILD with this, but I didn't want to take away from the life, either."

Method Man admits the film was more difficult to make that he imagined it would be.

He adds, "A lot of times, we ran into problems with girls that didn't want to talk to us because the game is supposed to be sold, not told.

"But some of these women really want to be understood and let people get a better perspective on the reasons why they resort to doing what they do... I'm just trying to enlighten people."

29/03/2005 02:28

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