Brett Ratner Went On Water Balloon Mission With Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Brett Ratner Went On Water Balloon Mission With Michael Jackson

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Prankster Michael Jackson once took filmmaker Brett Ratner on a 4am water balloon mission and terrified a stunned homeless man.
Ratner and Jackson became close friends and the Rush Hour director would often stay at the pop superstar's Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.
During an appearance on TV talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (26Oct11), Ratner recalled one hilarious night with the King of Pop when the two pals and Jackson's driver Kato hit the country roads near Jackson's home armed with water balloons.
The moviemaker said, "He (Jackson) puts on a Hulk mask... and we're driving down an empty road... No one is in sight... All of a sudden there's, like, a homeless guy walking on the side of the expressway... and Michael Jackson says, 'Kato, hit the breaks...'
"This guy thinks he's gonna be attacked and all of a sudden Michael Jackson pops out of the sun roof with the Hulk mask on. Imagine how scared this guy was... The guy starts running in the other direction and he (Jackson) says, 'Kato, throw it in reverse!'
"We catch up to the guy and the guy just stops and he (Jackson) just hits him with the water balloon and he goes, 'Kato, go!'
"We laughed the whole night... It was, like, the craziest thing."

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First off, someone needs to learn how to spell BRAKES, great proof reading group contactmusic has LOL.Second, I feel this is made up. Yes, Michael was a prankster and loved water balloons and water guns but, I seriously doubt he would chase a homeless person like this story states, just doesn't sound like something Michael would do, he would be more apt to hand the guy a few bucks to get something to eat.
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