A Good Year

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Facts and Figures

Run time: 117 mins

In Theaters: Friday 10th November 2006

Box Office USA: $7.4M

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Production compaines: Fox 2000 Pictures, Scott Free Productions


Contactmusic.com: 1.5 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 25%
Fresh: 32 Rotten: 96

IMDB: 6.9 / 10

Cast & Crew


Producer: , Julie Payne,

Starring: Russell Crowe as Max Skinner, Marion Cotillard as Fanny Chenal, Albert Finney as Uncle Henry Skinner, Tom Hollander as Charlie Willis, Abbie Cornish as Christie Roberts, Freddie Highmore as Young Max Skinner, Didier Bourdon as Francis Duflot, Isabelle Candelier as Ludivine Duflot, Archie Panjabi as Gemma, Rafe Spall as Kenny, Richard Coyle as Amis, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi as Nathalie Auzet, Kenneth Cranham as Sir Nigel, Daniel Mays as Bert the Doorman, Giannina Facio as Maitre D', Ben Righton as Trader #1, Patrick Kennedy as Trader #2, Ali Rhodes as 20-Something Beauty, Nila Aalia as Newscaster #1, Stephen Hudson as Newscaster #2, Lionel Briand as Rental Car Employee, Maria Papas as Gemma's Friend, Igor Panich as Russian Couple #1, Oleg Sosnovikov as Russian Couple #2, Magali Woch as Secretary, Jacques Herlin as Papa Duflot, Patrick Payet as English Couple #2, Félicité Du Jeu as Hostess, Mitchell Mullen as American Customer #1, Judy Dickerson as American Customer #2, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus as Oenologue, Philippe Méry as Chateau Buyer, Dominique Laurent as Chateau Buyer, Stewart Wright as Broker #1, Tom Stuart as Broker #2, Catherine Vinatier as Fanny's Mother, Marine Casto as Young Fanny, Gregg Chillin as Hip Hopper #1, Toney Tutini as Hip Hopper #2, Catriona MacColl as English Couple #1, Giannina Facio as Maitre D'

A Good Year Movie Review

Proper casting can make or break a film. A savvy producer knows not to hire Sylvester Stallone for a Shakespearean tragedy. Successful studio heads understand that the charismatic Will Smith is the wrong choice to play a nebbish wallflower incapable of getting the girl. So someone should have objected to the casting of the versatile but intense Russell Crowe in the lively country lark A Good Year.Nothing against Crowe. The talented actor routinely throws himself at challenging roles and rarely plays the same type twice. He has proven he can do a lot on screen, but Year demonstrates with certainty that devilish wit and boyish charm are not the sharpest weapons in his acting arsenal. Crowe is rugged but hardly warm. George Clooney could have owned this project but he'd probably demand the Coen brothers write and direct it.Instead we get Crowe and his frequent collaborator, Ridley Scott (Gladiator), as they attempt to spin Peter Mayle's beloved novel into a dreamy, male-oriented bit of escapism (a colleague called this Under the Tuscan Sun for men, and he's not far off with that assessment).London stock trader Max Skinner (Crowe) sees things in monetary values and hardly finds time to mourn when his uncle Henry (Albert Finney), a father figure, passes away. Being Henry's only known relative, Max inherits the eccentric entrepreneur's fatigued vineyard in the south of France. The prodigal Max returns with the intention to sell, but Marc Klein's adaptation of Mayle's work conspires to keep the number-cruncher on the estate for a week.Unless Year happens to be your first film experience, you're likely to find the outcome of Max's journey astonishingly predictable, so we're meant to enjoy the picturesque ride through France's heavenly countryside. The exquisite setting dresses up the flat, overdone fable of the workaholic reprogrammed to appreciate the good life. The lazy script takes every generic and dreadfully corny step possible, though I'm unfamiliar with the book and thereby unsure whether to blame Klein or Mayle.Scott, for his part, paces Year with the buoyancy of a comedy but neglects to include any funny lines of dialogue. The movie has a tendency to repeat what it considers jokes. Max sings Lance Armstrong's praises every time he passes a pack of French cyclists. At least three characters overreact when they find scorpions in their bedrooms - how hilarious. And I stopped counting spit takes after I reached five.The highlights in this exaggerated travelogue are few and far between. Feisty and sultry Marion Cotillard holds her own as village hottie Fanny Chenal, Max's main motivation for staying near his chateau. Finney appears in flashbacks and speaks only in bite-sized pearls of wisdom. But Year lulls us to sleep as it wallows in the cultural divide (hey, Ridley, get in line behind Borat and Babel), and it systematically insults the French, the English, and Americans... and all audiences in between.In the end, the scenery's about the only thing worth appreciating in this mediocre Year.And my suit... you like?


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aroxie's picture


A Great Year !!!! I absolutely enjoyed this movie!Russell Crowe couldn't have been sexier,funnier and more charming. This movie will have you wanting to visit France and bump into Ridley Scott and have a glass of wine.

6 years 6 months ago
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lindacw's picture


A Good Year is a very good movie. You have to watch it a couple of times, but you really enjoy the lightness of it. Parts of it make you laugh and some of it makes you want to visit France. I enjoyed it.

6 years 11 months ago
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A Good Year Rating

" Terrible "


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