A Low Down Dirty Shame

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Facts and Figures

Run time: 100 mins

In Theaters: Wednesday 23rd November 1994

Box Office Worldwide: $29.4M

Budget: $10M

Production compaines: Caravan Pictures, Hollywood Pictures


Contactmusic.com: 2 / 5

IMDB: 5.7 / 10

Cast & Crew

Starring: Keenen Ivory Wayans as Shame, Charles S. Dutton as Rothmiller, Jada Pinkett Smith as Peaches, Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Angela, Andrew Divoff as Mendoza, Corwin Hawkins as Wayman, Gary Carlos Cervantes as Luis, Gregory Sierra as Captain Nunez, Kim Wayans as Diane, Andrew Shaifer as Bernard, Chris Spencer as Benny, Devin DeVasquez as Mendoza's Girl, John Capodice as Mob Boss, Craig Ryan Ng as Chun Yung Fat, Don Diamont as Chad, Randy Hall as Hank, Doug Kruse as Skinhead Speaker, Michael Bofshever as Mr. Gold, Renee Hicks as Hooker, Robert Schimmel as The John, Kristina Wagner as Lisa, Bob Hughes as Cop #1, Michael Echols as Cop #2, Luanne Crawford as Cop #3, Dominique Jennings as Funeral Guest, Lisa Mende as Chad's Agent, Deandre 'Silky' Russell as Mailman at Post Office, Derek Woolley as Maitre'd, Diane Little as Waitress, Erika Monroe as Customer #1, Gloria Grant as Customer #2, Shawn Lusader as Female Lovemaker, Mark Ian Simon as Male Lovemaker, Rafael H. Robledo as Heavy, Pillow as Body Builder, Michael Wheels Parise as Man in Bath, Twist as Young Police Officer, Bobby Jen as Hotel Thug, Nikki Fritz as Exotic Dancer, Andrea Evans as Denise

A Low Down Dirty Shame Movie Review

Question of the day: why is there such an appeal to brainlessness?

One hypothesis, that we spend our working hours thinking and want to relax and thus not think in latter hours appears to hold water at a glance. However, when you peer deeper you realize that not everyone enjoys turning their brain off. Furthermore, many people cannot turn their brain off. Yet I am both A and B and still find brainlessness enjoyable.

Then again, I also think Monty Python films are works of genius, so...

The reason the question is brought to mind (no pun intended) is the simple matter of the 1994 action comedy A Low Down Dirty Shame, which could be either described as a low down and dirty shame to watch or a shameful relaxation, whichever pun strikes your fancy. Here we have a film with no redeeming value whatsoever. There aren't morals, there aren't characters, there aren't twists. And yet, like so many other films with no redeeming value, A Low Down Dirty Shame can be an enjoyable way to kill time.

This enjoyment is contingent upon your own ability to suspend disbelief, stand racist jokes, and put up with Keenen Ivory Wayons for an hour and three quarters. The select demographic that fits all three of these prerequisites will enjoy the film. The rest of you will hate it.

The plot of A Low Down Dirty Shame is as follows: ex-cop turned suicidal private detective. We have seen this before, obviously. His ex-love, ex-whore Angela (Salli Richardson) has made off with drug money and Shame is hired to track her down. His secretary, Peaches (Jada Pinkett), is in love with him.

The rest of the movie is predictable and thus I will not waste my time describing it.

The question with A Low Down Dirty Shame is not "is it worth my time?" The question with A Low Down Dirty Shame is "is it worth the waste of my time?"

Good luck answering it.


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A Low Down Dirty Shame Rating

" Grim "


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