Holy Man Movie Review

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Pop quiz. You're Eddie Murphy, a popular comedian who makes about a decade of bad movies. You then do a remake of a Jerry Lewis classic and you're back in the swing of things. People start to like you again. Why would you do Holy Man?

In this awful, Saturday Night Live sketch gone bad, Jeff Goldblum stars in a thankless role as an infomercial executive who needs to find good product or he'll be fired. He stumbles upon G (Murphy), a mysterious man in a white sheet who speaks eloquently about.... uh....stuff. Goldblum has the inevitable romance with co-worker Kelly Preston, who are about as compatible as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Walter Mathau.

Goldblum needs to find better work than this. He is a talented, charismatic actor who has brought charm to many pictures, but not this one. As for Murphy, I don't know what attracted him to this role in the first place. Holy Man is short on jokes, and the ones that it has aren't that good. When you see Holy Man in your video store, just keep walking.

Faux pas of the year.

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I felt very nice watching "Holy Man". I could feel all who has performed had done it from their heart. The message was clear and straight "LOVE". According to me making movies which can touch some ones soul is very difficult. The message in the movie was eternal and not momentary.According to me the message in the movie was not to expect a miracle man in your life but you yourself is a miracle man. Where if you start loving everything and everyone around you. You can do miracles.Thanks for the all those who made this available and in this jenture would like to predict that the message from the movie is one of the revalation to all those who seek GOD.

8 years 3 months ago
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Michael Statarius's picture

Michael Statarius

While there's definitely truth in (most of) Mr. Lawrence's criticisms, I wholly disagree with his final say.Starting with the character of G - "a mysterious man in a white sheet who speaks eloquently about...uh...stuff" - everything from his initial appearance to the final shot speaks from a deeply satisfied and spiritual place. And does so in such a way that is very rare in movies these days. From an acting perspective only one moment toward the end stands out as disingenuous, but every other line and expression is delivered with sincerity and, for me, inspiration."Ricky Haymen" is classic Jeff Goldblum (a long-time favorite of mine for his unique character), and worth watching just for the way he contrasts his neuroses with G's suave demeanor. The romance between Haymen and Newell (Kelly Preston) is as believable as any I've seen. And though I agree it seems to have required considerable acting both their parts, the path from near-rivals to lovers is one of my favorites to this day.All in all there may be imperfections, but the approaches Holy Man takes to themes like romance, rivalry, materialism and wisdom (as a spiritual and practical quality) are delivered such that they completely leave out the bitterness and cynicism which pervasively assault us in most movies. Its innocence and curbed edges may indeed be boring to some, but for me it's one of the few movies I can truly relax and enjoy.What would G do?

8 years 1 month ago
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Holy Man Rating

" Unbearable "

Rating: PG, 1998


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